My name is Amir Dezfouli. I am a researcher in computational neuroscience and machine learning. I am currently a Research Scientist at Data61, CSIRO, Sydney.


  • Advanced Topics In Statistical Machine Learning, UNSW (with Edwin Bonilla) [COMP9418]


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  • Adversarial vulnerabilities of human decision-making - 2020
    Amir Dezfouli, Richard Nock, Peter Dayan
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

  • Learning the structure of the world: The adaptive nature of state-space and action representations in multi-stage decision-making - 2019
    Amir Dezfouli, Bernard W Balleine
    PLoS computational biology

  • Disentangled behaivoural representations - 2019
    Amir Dezfouli, Hassan Ashtiani, Omar Ghattas, Richard Nock, Peter Dayan, Cheng Soon Ong
    Advances in Neural and Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)

  • Generic inference in latent Gaussian process models - 2019
    Edwin V Bonilla, Karl Krauth, Amir Dezfouli
    Journal of machine learning research (JMLR)

  • Hierarchical Bayesian inference for concurrent model fitting and comparison for group studies - 2019
    Payam Piray, Amir Dezfouli, Tom Heskes, Michael J. Frank, Nathaniel D. Daw
    PLoS computational biology

  • Models that learn how humans learn: The case of decision-making and its disorders - 2019
    Amir Dezfouli, Kristi Griffiths, Fabio Ramos, Peter Dayan, Bernard W. Balleine
    PLoS computational biology

  • Optimizing the depth and the direction of prospective planning using information values - 2019
    Can Eren Sezener, Amir Dezfouli, Mehdi Keramati
    PLoS computational biology

  • Integrated accounts of behavioral and neuroimaging data using flexible recurrent neural network models - 2018
    Amir Dezfouli, Richard Morris, Fabio Ramos, Peter Dayan, Bernard W Balleine
    Advances in Neural and Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS - oral presentation)

  • Optimal response vigor and choice under non-stationary outcome values - 2018
    Amir Dezfouli, Bernard W. Balleine, Richard Nock
    Psychonomic Bulletin and Review

  • Variational network inference: Strong and stable with concrete support - 2018
    Amir Dezfouli, Edwin V Bonilla, Richard Nock
    International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)

  • Gray-box inference for structured Gaussian Process models - 2017
    Pietro Galliani, Amir Dezfouli, Edwin V Bonilla, Novi Quadrianto
    International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS)

  • Hierarchical control of goal-directed action in the cortical–basal ganglia network - 2015
    Bernard W Balleine, Amir Dezfouli, Makato Ito, Kenji Doya
    Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences

  • Medial Orbitofrontal Cortex Mediates Outcome Retrieval in Partially Observable Task Situations - 2015
    Laura A. Bradfield, Amir Dezfouli, Mieke van Holstein, Billy Chieng, Bernard W. Balleine

  • Hierarchical models of goal-directed and automatic actions - 2015
    Amir Dezfouli
    PhD thesis

  • Scalable Inference for Gaussian Process Models with Black-Box Likelihoods - 2015
    Amir Dezfouli, Edwin V Bonilla
    Advances in Neural and Information Processing Systems (NIPS)

  • Habits as action sequences: hierarchical action control and changes in outcome value - 2014
    Amir Dezfouli, Nura W Lingawi, Bernard W Balleine
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

  • Action-value comparisons in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex control choice between goal-directed actions - 2014
    Richard W Morris*, Amir Dezfouli*, Kristi R Griffiths, Bernard W Balleine
    Nature communications
    *contributed equally

  • Actions, Action Sequences and Habits: Evidence That Goal-Directed and Habitual Action Control Are Hierarchically Organized - 2013
    Amir Dezfouli, Bernard W Balleine
    PLoS computational biology

  • Treatment Outcome Predictors in a Flexible Dose-Duration Methadone Detoxification Program - 2013
    Hamed Ekhtiari, Amir Dezfouli, Behnam Zamanian, Arash Ghodousi, Azarakhsh Mokri
    Archive of Iranian Medicine

  • Habits, action sequences and reinforcement learning - 2012
    Amir Dezfouli, Bernard W Balleine
    European Journal of Neuroscience

  • Understanding Addiction as a Pathological State of Multiple Decision Making Processes: A Neurocomputational Perspective - 2012
    Mehdi Keramati, Amir Dezfouli, Payam Piray
    Chapter in Computational Neuroscience of Drug Addiction

  • Speed/accuracy trade-off between the habitual and the goal-directed processes - 2011
    Mehdi Keramati*, Amir Dezfouli*, Payam Piray
    PLoS computational biology
    *contributed equally

  • Individual differences in nucleus accumbens dopamine receptors predict development of addiction-like behavior: a computational approach - 2010
    Payam Piray, Mohammad Mahdi Keramati, Amir Dezfouli, Caro Lucas, Azarakhsh Mokri
    Neural computation

  • A neurocomputational model for cocaine addiction - 2009
    Amir Dezfouli, Payam Piray, Mohammad Mahdi Keramati, Hamed Ekhtiari, Caro Lucas, Azarakhsh Mokri
    Neural computation

  • Understanding Addictive Behavior on the Iowa Gambling Task Using Reinforcement Learning Framework - 2008
    Amir Dezfouli, Mohammad Mahdi Keramati, Hamed Ekhtiari, Hooman Safaei, Caro Lucas
    30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

  • Neurocomputational modelling of drug addiction - 2009
    Amir Dezfouli
    MS Thesis, University of Tehran

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